Academic and Advanced Research

Dr.  Edwin “Leigh” Armistead is the President of Peregrine Technical Solutions, a certified 8(a) small business that specializes in Cyber Security. A retired Naval Officer, he wrote his Ph.D. and has published three books, in an unclassified format in 2004, 2007 and 2010, all that focus on full spectrum Information Warfare.  Serving as the Chief Editor of the Journal of Information Warfare (JIW), a double-blind peer-reviewed academic publication,; the Program Director of the International Conference of Cyber Warfare and Security,; and the Vice-Chair Working Group 9.10 –, ICT Uses in Peace and War.  Shown below are the three books and the JIW:



The Peregrine staff also serves as the Chief Editor and Technical staff for the Journal of Information Warfare (JIW), the only double-blind, peer-reviewed academic journal in the United States, focused on holistic approaches to cyber warfare.  We also helped to stand-up the International Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security (ICCWS), the only academic cyber conference in the United States focused on Information Warfare.

In these roles, Peregrine has access to 16 years-worth of original cyber academic research for the JIW and 12 years of academic papers for ICCWS.  Together these two resources number over 1,000 different and unique instances of discrete research that could be operationalized.  Specifically, we can search our database of these papers, for subjects or key words that customers are interested in, so if your command is interested in working with that particular academic to develop their concept into a usable capability, then Peregrine can hire that researcher to conduct this effort.  In this manner, a single contract to a small business gives the organization access to hundreds of cyber SMEs, where we ensure that any administrative issues (clearance, access, pay, etc) are coordinated in a seamless fashion.  We have a TS/SCI FCL and have conducted similar cyber research efforts for OPTEVFOR with the US Navy.

Peregrine is a well-known Navy Cyber small business located in the Hampton Roads area, with multiple IA/IO/IW prime contracts, as shown here:

Cyber Inspection N00189-16-P-1584
Cyber Resilience  N68335-16-G-0019
CMS-ID  N00039-16-D-0004
8a Incubator   N65236-15-D-8019
INSURV Legacy IT N00189-15-P-0462
DINPACS-A   N00189-15-F-0258
DINPACS-E N00189-15-F-0262
NAWDC N00244-15-F-0205
  • OASD
UAV Cyber Study HQ0034-14-C-0209
Cyber Readiness N00189-13-C-0010

Peregrine can also serve as a cyber academic and public relations liaison that would give your staff access to the latest cyber academic theories as well opportunities to discuss with selected outside groups.  By doing so, your staff would not only keep abreast of the latest academic trends in IO but also by meeting and collaborating with these prominent civilians in industry, politics, commerce, etc., so that your organization can make sure that these influential groups are aware of NSA's needs/requirements.  Peregrine is proposing to broaden the exposure of your agency as shown below:

  • Arrange a continuing series of phoncon’s and meetings with key IO academics
  • Co-write papers with your staff for publication in academic journals
  • Develop panels or mini-conference sessions where your leadership discusses its mission
  • Act as a liaison to bring in influential groups to listen to your agency describe its successes